Thoughts on Life

Another year has gone by.

It happens every year.  Christmas happens.  Everyone leaves and I’m left like a deer in headlights.  Which way do I go?  What do I do now?  I just spent the last five days joking and singing caroles and making food, and more food and more food.  Good food, no, “Great food”!  Foods I haven’t made since last Christmas.

I have this pang in my heart and tears in my eyes as I watch my daughter Meg, do the “Nini Wave” good-bye one last time as she turns towards the bus station and disappears into the building.  What happens to me now?  Do I just go back to – work?  Does this Christmas get filed like all the rest of the Christmases past as a “Christmas Memory”.  The answer is yes.

Our family is crazy to say the least.  We love movies; we live movies.  Movie quotes pop up in our conversations all the time.  This would be the time that I take the penny out of my pocket like Christopher Reeves in “Somewhere in Time” and go back to reality for at least one more year.


I have some sad news.  My dog Ariel died yesterday morning at 3:13AM.  I knew the end was coming so I was sleeping with her in the family room.  She heard Hercules, her brother, coughing and got up.  She walked around the family room twice then fell into my arms, looked into my eyes and quickly, peacefully went.  I am so happy for her.  She can run again.  She left behind one very broken heart – mine.

When I try to explain to people “the love”, I tell them, she never talked back to me… she never asked for money or special things or the keys to the car.  She gave smiles and kisses and had this beautiful lady-like way of crossing her paws.  She came running when I called.  She knew when I was sick and would stay close and she always laid under my feet, when I was at my desk writing …as I am now.

She ran like the wind and loved to play tug of war.  So in the future when I feel the wind blow past me, I will know she is close by.

My husband was not sure which one of us was more determined to not let go of the other.

Inquiring Minds

Did you ever wake up in the morning with a song in your head?  You know, that little ditty that you start singing in the shower with your eyes half open?  That song that starts in the shower but you sing all through the day?

Did you ever wake up hearing your husband or wife singing, “Don’t worry, be happy”?

Oh yes, this is their “Mantra for the Day”.  It gives you, the listener, insight into what might be in store for them for the day.  I consider it a window of opportunity to see what they really are thinking without them even knowing.  It’s all subliminal.

According to Wikipedia, a mantra is a sound, syllable, or group of words that are considered capable of “creating transformation”.  Their use and type varies according to the school and philosophy associated with the mantra.

That being said, don’t go into a meeting humming “I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner” unless of course your job is in marketing and you are trying to sell the weiners.  Nor would I go to my mother-in-laws home whistling “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”.  Not good.

Remember to pay attention because it could just change what you say and do during your day!