I have some sad news.  My dog Ariel died yesterday morning at 3:13AM.  I knew the end was coming so I was sleeping with her in the family room.  She heard Hercules, her brother, coughing and got up.  She walked around the family room twice then fell into my arms, looked into my eyes and quickly, peacefully went.  I am so happy for her.  She can run again.  She left behind one very broken heart – mine.

When I try to explain to people “the love”, I tell them, she never talked back to me… she never asked for money or special things or the keys to the car.  She gave smiles and kisses and had this beautiful lady-like way of crossing her paws.  She came running when I called.  She knew when I was sick and would stay close and she always laid under my feet, when I was at my desk writing …as I am now.

She ran like the wind and loved to play tug of war.  So in the future when I feel the wind blow past me, I will know she is close by.

My husband was not sure which one of us was more determined to not let go of the other.