Another year has gone by.

It happens every year.  Christmas happens.  Everyone leaves and I’m left like a deer in headlights.  Which way do I go?  What do I do now?  I just spent the last five days joking and singing caroles and making food, and more food and more food.  Good food, no, “Great food”!  Foods I haven’t made since last Christmas.

I have this pang in my heart and tears in my eyes as I watch my daughter Meg, do the “Nini Wave” good-bye one last time as she turns towards the bus station and disappears into the building.  What happens to me now?  Do I just go back to – work?  Does this Christmas get filed like all the rest of the Christmases past as a “Christmas Memory”.  The answer is yes.

Our family is crazy to say the least.  We love movies; we live movies.  Movie quotes pop up in our conversations all the time.  This would be the time that I take the penny out of my pocket like Christopher Reeves in “Somewhere in Time” and go back to reality for at least one more year.