Keep it simple.  Yes that’s right; keep the resolutions simple and easy.  It’s the perfect solution to keeping the resolution.

Don’t say you are going to lose 20 pounds; make it five.  Don’t go to the gym and run five miles around the track, make it one mile of a pleasant walk to your Ipod; in other words, climb the mole hills not the mountains.

You could also make the resolution to say hello to people more often or to comment on how nice they look; ok, so they don’t look nice.  Be an “Eddie Haskell” and lie.  The next day they very well may look nicer because you made them notice how they look.  Make a resolution to make others feel good about themselves.

Clean out one drawer a month; get rid of all those clothes you didn’t wear in the last year (someone could really use them – except for those special things that you’ve had since high school); take a different route to work to experience the other side of the street and put away $20 a month in a safe place.

The best part is when next year rolls around you will be $240.00 richer and you can tell everyone you kept your resolutions!

Happy New Year Everyone!